Tips For A Natural Bronzed Glowing Tan With Little Honey Bronzing Mist

This week I have had alot of you interested in the Little Honey Tanning Range, so I thought I would post a photo of myself all bronzed up.

I totally LOVE it! It's so natural and more of a olive tan than an orange tan. It's soooo easy to use even for a first timer. You can control how dark you want to go by the amount of sprays you pop on glove. The first time I used Little Honey I only used 3 sprays at a time just to see how it worked on my skin. I had a beautiful light glowing tan. The photo above is with 6 sprays on glove and is probably the darkest I would want to go, for me! But I love it!!!

You can buy the bronzing tan spray individually or in a pack with Blending Glove. I highly recommend everyone on their 1st purchase to get the pack with the blending glove because it makes blending so much easier and leaves your hands clean and not stained. I tried applying without the glove and it can be done, but I used way more product!! Its so much more economical with the glove and it just makes life so much easier!

I would highly recommend to go with the glove option on your first purchase. Then you can buy your next Bronzing bottle as an individual bottle or we have a bundle deal of two bottles for a fabulous price.

Every client this week has wanted to see what it looked like on them. So we used the Little Honey love heart sticker on their skin, then applied bronzing tan with glove over top. When we removed the sticker they were all totally amazed at the difference and how natural and bronzed they all looked! One client was very very pale and one had a super tan already and it worked beautifully all their skin tones! Our lovely customer with the pale skin was a bit anxious but was beside herself with the result. She had a glow to her skin that she has never had before and SO NATURAL!

They all brought Little Honey Packs 🤎 and were as excited about the Bronzing range as we are.
Don't bake your skin in the sun and put your self at risk of sun damage and skin cancers! You don't need to!
Little Honey has you sorted! Xx

We are so proud to be Authorized Stockists! ❤️
And its created for Men + Women

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