INO HAIRCARE • Instant Leave In Repair Mask 50ml
INO HAIRCARE • Instant Leave In Repair Mask 50ml
INO HAIRCARE • Instant Leave In Repair Mask 50ml

INO HAIRCARE • Instant Leave In Repair Mask 50ml

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• STRENGTHENS hair from the inside with new protein technology 

• ADDS SHINE so your hair looks and feels beautiful every day

• DETANGLES and eliminates frizz

• PROTECTS COLOUR with the power of Tamarind fruit

This revolutionary hair mask repairs hair damage caused by color, heat, and chemicals. Get stronger, smoother, and shinier hair instantly. Use for the next 4 washes, then once a month for ultimate condition and shine 

This clinically-proven, revolutionary leave-in hair repair mask is a simple 1-step system that penetrates the hair follicle to:

  • Reverse damage due to chemicals & color treatments
  • Detangle and control frizz
  • Protect hair from damaging heat-styling
  • Help keep color from fading

Get instant stronger, softer, and smoother hair today with this 4 minute treatment!

How I.N.O works:

It combines an advanced scientific approach with natural, effective ingredients and puts them in the palm of your hand (and then your hair). It strives to achieve and maintain the best and healthiest hair for you, without compromising on what goes into the formula.

Key Ingredients:

  • AETAMARINDUS (sourced from tamarind fruit): A powerful hair antioxidant and moisturizer that also provides color protection.
  • PROPENADIOL (sourced from corn): A naturally derived ingredient that is used in cosmetics and skincare to improve the texture and feel of the hair.
  • PROPRIETARY PROTEIN BLEND (PPB) (sourced from potato): This PPB is loaded with iron, potassium, fiber, protein and vitamins. Potato protein helps in strengthening the hair follicles.


Is it safe for my color and chemically treated hair?
I.N.O hair repair mask is specially designed to use on color-treated and chemically treated hair to restore the damage these treatments cause. Tamarind fruit is the key ingredient designed to protect hair color and make it last longer.

Is it safe for extensions?
I.N.O hair repair mask is designed to repair and restore human hair. If your extensions are made with human hair - I.N.O hair repair mask is a good solution to prolong their life. I.N.O would not make a difference if used on extensions made from synthetic materials.

When will I see results?

Why don't I need a conditioner with I.N.O Instant Hair Repair Mask?
You do not need conditioner when you are applying an I.N.O instant hair repair mask, because conditioner prevents active ingredients of the mask from penetrating inside the hair. Although you do want to use the Conditioner in between uses.

Should I shampoo after using I.N.O?
No, I.N.O hair repair mask is a leave-in formula that is applied after washing hair and is not intended to be washed out.

How to use I.N.O Instant Hair Repair Mask?

Shampoo your hair, DO NOT CONDITION, towel dry.
Apply 1-3 pumps according to your hair length.

x1 pump for short - medium hair

x2 pumps for medium - long

 x3 pumps for long, coarse hair

Apply small amount, rub them together to emulsify the product, spread evenly on to the hair, starting from the ends to the roots pressing into

Leave in and wait 4 minutes. DO NOT WASH OUT! Then style your hair as usual.

 Use for the next 4 washes, then once a month for ultimate condition and shine.

Made In USA