PONi Cosmetics • Brow Powder Duo | Thoroughbred  2g
PONi Cosmetics • Brow Powder Duo | Thoroughbred  2g
PONi Cosmetics • Brow Powder Duo | Thoroughbred  2g

PONi Cosmetics • Brow Powder Duo | Thoroughbred 2g

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Want great brows! Swap sad, unruly brows for thicker looking, more defined arches with this two-shade, pigment-packed mineral brow powder. 

THOROUGHBRED is the darkest in the range. Dark brown to black hair. Duo of Dark Brown | Taupe


Thin, patchy brows immediately look thicker, fuller and more defined. Brow beginners, seasoned experts, blondes, brunettes, and black haired beauties will love the easy application and customisable colour intensity.


Fuller, thicker and more defined arches, make your dreamiest brows come true with the Duo Brow Powder two colour palette. Customise colour intensity and build dimension by blending shades to create an ombré brow, light natural brow or deeper glam brow.



Duo Brow Powder comes in three options, each with two shades.
PALOMINO - Cool blonde to light brown
CHESTNUT - Medium brown to reddish hair
THOROUGHBRED - Dark brown to black hair


Made with the highest quality minerals, the eyebrow powder has an ultra-fine, density compacted consistency with minimal fallout.


Framing your eyes with a flawless arch is easy. Dab a little eyebrow powder on the PONi Pro Brow Brush for a precision application then blend from the inside out to fill in gaps.


Go for the lighter palette shade if you're rocking minimal makeup for a natural look, work both shades for more definition or choose the darker colour for bold, statement brows.


Finish with Poni White Knight Mascara for total knockout eyelashes.


What's not to love?
- Control intensity with the dual palette for a natural or bold look
- Made from the highest quality minerals - minimal fallout.
- Highly pigmented
- Glides on easily
- Cruelty-free

-  professional range of makeup

- Proudly Australian owned