STYLECOM.NZ ~ Pure Envy Designer Dog Coat  Black + White~ Size Small
STYLECOM.NZ ~ Pure Envy Designer Dog Coat  Black + White~ Size Small

STYLECOM.NZ ~ Pure Envy Designer Dog Coat Black + White~ Size Small

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SIZE SMALL ~ 32.5cm in total length 

☆ Measure from the base of the neck to base of tail for desired coat length

Perfect on Small Dogs or Big Puppies

Made in New Zealand 🇳🇿


This jacket is so luxurious, soft and snuggly. Super glamorous for that special little friend. Great for wearing by itself or layering with your favourite top underneath for extra warmth.

Fantastic for the little dogs that don't like wearing clothes!! Its non restricting  & light enough to feel like they have nothing on. If your little dog stands like a statue & won't move with clothes on.....this is for you!!

Its every dogs dream!

Beautiful black + white polar fleece. Black sherpa collar for warmth & style. Is fully lined inside with black sherpa, so very very warm. Has a harness hole on top of jacket so you don't ruin the look & more convenient for you when it's time for a walk or that special outing.

Does up with stretchy black elastic & velcro, around the neck and under the tummy. Adjustable to how snug you want it or if your dog is still growing, the jacket can grow with them.

Very snug and comfortable for all small breeds of dogs. If you have a fussy dog, this is the jacket for you. Its light, so they don't feel trapped in it! Also the beauty of this polar fleece is that when you get rained on, its drys fast!! It doesn't itch or scratch like wool does, so good for sensitive skin dogs.

My little Italian Greyhound loves this jacket (wearing Size Small & is 5.5kg) and would quite happily stay in it all day. Great for any dog that feels the cold.

We had a lot of these gorgeous coats made, but due to people admiring and buying when they have seen it on my dog, we are down to very limited amounts. Be fast, they won't last long! Xx

Check them out...there's a few colours and x2 different styles.